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deer hunting

For the attention of Hunters!

The roebuck shooting have started on 15th April. We will waiting for hunter guests at "Illés Panzió" in Szeged. We will organize the hunting for You. In our restaurant if You would like, we make your favourite wild dishes or any other dishes. We will guarantee the high standard of living and solid prices in our rooms. You will find further informations in our homepage.

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Szobafoglalás: 62/315-640
6721 Szeged, Maros utca 37.

Tel.: 62/315-640
Mobil: 20/230-94-56
E-mail: illespanzio@invitel.hu
Étterem nyitvatartás: H-SZ 11:00-22:00,
V: 11:00-21:00 óráig (igény szerint tovább is)
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